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Our attachment to what we experience clouds the lens which we look at our lives… I want to understand where I am in space… We have sensitivity in layers of ourselves, we have confidence in layers of ourselves. We have areas we fear, we have areas we judge, we have areas we avoid… Life is a dehydration process… Realize how you’re moving and what you’re moving from and what you’re trying to accomplish… Embody your heart and be there.

Zach Dacuk, Body worker

this is new york (the poem)

people wait hours to slurp and sip

cut corners to cross the street

no running

just power walking

men still wear suits on saturdays

some push by boots or on heels

hot dogs carts as hybrids of halal food

cheeks are hallowed and eyes are sunken

but the young are hungry

and the restless can’t sleep

enhance, enhance, enhance

up, up, up

me, me, me

every block is a neighborhood

every corner stands a possibility

old friends still crash at laundromats

never see others

nail salons are as plenty as are the girls who frequent them

chains set up shop

around and around we go

if fame rules l.a.

power guards washington

money is the name game here

spanish-speaking working bees get up at the earliest dawn

gibberish on the lips who’ve been chatting all night

kids grow up with such wit and swagger

street music rises like steam through the grates

for the hustlers and the aimless

profits imagined

dreams realized

new york, new york.

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